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Letters to the Editor published Sept. 15, 2010
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City, county extended courtesy, fast services

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I would like to publicly thank both the city of Ceres and Stanislaus County for services rendered to me lately.

A couple of weeks ago, my garage door was tagged with graffiti, and I phoned Ceres' Graffiti removal hotline. I was treated very courteously and within 24 hours a nice gentleman named Troy - who works for the city - came to my home and painted over the graffiti.

Then, one morning last week, there was a dead cat on my front lawn. Not knowing what to do about it, I phoned Animal Control, and, again, was treated with courtesy and concern, and by early afternoon the cat was removed.

Both times I talked to a "real" person, and did not have to choose many options to speak to someone. I want to compliment both the city and the county for their prompt, cooperative and helpful services.

Ruth Strange,


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