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Letters to the Editor published Sept. 30, 2009
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Thanks for those who helped pull off a successful Medieval Night

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The community of Ceres recently came together in the most spectacular fashion: supporting both Ceres and Central Valley's efforts for the Medieval Night fundraising event. Many communities such as ours create a divide when growth occurs-and while Ceres and Central Valley do act competitively in sports and other competitions; we have shown that we can act collectively in our community.

So many people came together to make this one of the most outstanding community events in recent years: the staffs and student body's of the two high schools, district, board, City, Chamber, and community clubs and organizations. Most importantly, however, are the individual members of the community who participated: serving tables, donating facilities, food, time, equipment, and money. In a typical Ceres fashion, people simply appeared, asking how they could help. To thank one person for their support would be to forget too many who gave.

Ceres High School and Central Valley High School thank the people of Ceres for the support and help in making this event a true community fundraising effort.

Shawna Nunes, Ceres High School

Nicole Chapman, Central Valley High School

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CSUS fraternity has been helpful at CVHS

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As principal of Central Valley High School, I am delighted to have this opportunity to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the fraternity Nu Alpha Kappa of California State University Stanislaus. The fraternity members have served our high school as mentors and tutors to our students. They also have been instrumental in recruiting participation in the worthy Parent Institute for Quality Education program. As mentors and tutors, these students set a positive and encouraging example to the Central Valley High School student body. The ability to have college students devote large amounts of their time to the betterment of the younger population speaks volumes for both the NAK Fraternity and for the University.

The impact made by the NAK students will last for a long time in the lives of our students they assist. I am very proud to have had this opportunity for this interaction. I want to commend CSU Stanislaus' NAK chapter and all the individual members who dedicated countless hours to the success of this program.

Again, we can only lead by example in our communities and the members of NAK have taken the first step of many in that task. My district, CVHS, and most importantly, our students are grateful.

Roberto Serrato,


Central Valley High School

* * * * * * * * *

CUTA endorsement

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Ceres Unified Teachers Association is publicly endorsing two School Board candidates: Valli Wigt and Betty Davis.

They are each well qualified to be a great School Board member. Mrs. Wigt has been employed for many years in the district as a teacher at Carroll Fowler and Westport elementary schools. She knows curriculum and student needs having just retired with 24 years in the district. Mrs. Davis has served valiantly on the School Board the past four years. She has brought a constructive, respected and thoughtful approach to the School Board.

As all of the candidates were interviewed, three general themes were focused on with the questions asked. The themes were public transparency, information seeking and budgeting for student learning. With a review of the responses, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Wigt were most forthright in responding to the questions put forth. They strongly feel that the issues that are not confidential should be debated in open session. Each feels that actively seeking information from all constituencies involved is essential in making accurate, balanced decisions. Finally, they both feel that the essential budget cuts forthcoming need to be made as far from the classroom as possible, thus ensuring continued quality resources for the students. Coupled with this philosophy, they also feel that cutting out waste from the district during the fiscal crisis is needed to save jobs and provide resources for the classroom.

We encourage voters in the Ceres Unified School District to carefully examine the School Board election this fall. There are candidates and critical issues that need to be analyzed and decided resulting from the current state and local fiscal crises. The future education of the children in the Ceres Unified School District depends on your vote.

David Bean,

Chairman, CUTA PAC

* * * * * * * * *

Betty Davis votes conscience

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In the upcoming election, it is vital that the citizens of Ceres re-elect Betty Davis. She is the lone board member who will question decisions being made by the district, and take a position of opposition if she believes that the students and citizens of Ceres are not being properly served. Part of the reason she is able to question intelligently is that she actually reads the reams of reports she is given rather than just giving a rubber stamp approval. Betty has dedicated her life to the students of Ceres and the community. With that as her guide, her decisions are not always popular with the administration, and maybe not always popular with teachers, but she votes her conscience. She truly has the community's best interests at heart. She has lived here, worked here, raised her family here and has retired here.

I urge citizens of Ceres to re-elect this informed, intelligent board member.

Susan Davis


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