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Another frivolous lawsuit by 'Citizens for Ceres'
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is in response to the lawsuit filed by the "Citizens for Ceres," whoever they are, against the three-way stop signs at the intersection of Fowler and Lunar.

We have lived at the corner of Lupin Lane and Fowler Road for 40 years. Fowler Road has gone from a dead-end at the canal to a major thoroughfare connecting Mitchell Road to Eastgate and in that time the traffic has increased both in quantity and speed, regularly over 40 mph. Many of the local residents have complained about the speeding problem on this street and have met with city officials to rectify the problem. Not once has anyone from the "Citizens for Ceres" attended any of these meetings.

The stop signs have slowed traffic considerably since their installation and are working very well according to many residents in the area. The reasoning for the removal of these stop signs makes absolutely no sense and will burden the taxpayers to fight this frivolous lawsuit.

Ken & Carly Moore,