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Appreciates editor’s column

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I can really tell when you are pouring your heart out. Appreciate what you wrote (in the May 17 column, “It’s time to permanently disregard reparations.”) Few talk about pornography and the waste that it lays to lives, marriages, families and souls. These are conversations that nobody wants to have with their SPOUSE, much less read about in the paper. The issue is so important yet so unpopular. So we avoid, avoid, avoid….

We are a society of instant gratification. Sexually, intellectually, politically.

I hate smartphones. TikTok is just a sniffle from the storm of influenza that smartphones and online social media unleashed on our society.

I’m doing my damnedest to raise my children as though it were the 1980s. Or 70s! No video games. No cable.

Something that is driving me crazy – as my eldest son progresses in reading – is people who publicly wear shirts or display bumper stickers containing profanity. Saw one yesterday that said “F--- cancer.” 

Some young mom’s display bumper stickers stating “Babies all up in this b----,” i.e., there are a lot of kids in the car. (Saw that one on the back of an SUV parked at the library - during children’s story time!)

Congratulations, happy you’re still alive, that you have children, but hey, thanks a lot for ripping a little innocence away from my young child, you adult moron.

I’ve actually left notes on cars asking, “What should I tell my son when he asks about this word?”

Sometimes I feel surrounded by adult children who honestly don’t realize or sincerely do not care how their behavior impacts others:

• Racing down my street, with full knowledge that my children frequently play outside. 

• Revving engines at 1 a.m. and peeling out.

• People who leave for dinner, knowing full well that their dog will bark nonstop in the backyard until they get home, hours later.

• Dropping profanities in casual conversation with tiny ears clearly nearby. 

It’s nice to read your column. It’s a reminder of the silent group, people of goodwill, who try to keep the adult children – who speak like sailors, tattoo themselves like convicts and destroy businesses on Facebook if they receive a challenging look – from wiping us out. 

It’s nice to read that someone else shares similar viewpoints. 

Keep going strong!

Ron Enez