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Biden sounded like out-of-control blaming everyone but himself

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Within my 86 years of living with the opportunity of listening to the State of the Union messages to the country, the Biden message was incredibly inept. I thought I was being shouted at and chastised by an out-of-control father about to go over the edge.

He is the out-of-control head of household who blames his wife (predecessor) for all of his failings. His children (country) cannot have a thought of their own without ridicule, even though his leadings have led the family down an inconsistent, debilitating road.

I long for a leader who can present an idea and plan for the country in a humble, honorable manner with eloquence.

I long for a manner of delivery where a county’s constituents have the opportunity to reflect and review the ideas and plans without a hidden agenda, followed by nay or yay, without ridicule. That will be the day!

Janice Smalley

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