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Bilingual really means you must speak Spanish

Editor, Ceres Courier,

American employers should please have the guts to say what they mean.

The term bilingual means to speak two languages; but truly an ad that reads "bilingual preferred" means "you must speak Spanish." I am bilingual, so why am I upset? None of the four languages I speak is Spanish.

I lived in Germany and in order to live within German culture and get a job I had to learn German and so on for the other two languages (not including the language of my homeland, America.) Twice have I been through an exhaustive process for quality positions only to be denied because I don't speak Spanish! Maybe, just maybe, if the politically correct sissies who make policy in this country see the words "must speak Spanish" in so many help wanted ads they will figure out why real Americans are so upset.

Frank Lee Dunn,

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