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Calling for attention to be paid to the Tuolumne River

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I tried to go on a walk at Lower River Bluff in Ceres but it was closed, so I went to the north side of the Tuolumne River for a change.  The regional park was also closed, but I did not have to go in to see the horrid conditions. 

From afar, I could see that the park might be subject to a myriad of liability and negligence lawsuits as a result of the conditions.  For example, giant holes on pathways for pedestrians to break their ankles in, fallen fences with wires hanging out – perfect for someone to snag their eyeballs with, boulders negligently placed on would-be sidewalks ready to be crashed into, and giant potholes on the road to flatten tires and careen vehicles off the road.

My situational awareness yelled at me to drive out as soon as possible for my safety. Sadly, the problem is not contained to the park. The entire area surrounding the airport and the Gallo Glass factory is in such poor shape. The lack of sidewalks, illegal dumping, lack of basic drainage, noise pollution, homelessness, and visible pollution from the industrial zone made me empathize with all the residents living there. These residents are in dire need of the environmental justice talked about in the Modesto 2050 Briefing Book.

There is new leadership in Modesto and Ceres, please come together and agree on a budget development plan for the Tuolumne river as both cities stand to benefit from its development!

Alvaro Franco,


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