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Calling Condit a ‘good kid’ was ‘very condescending’
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Who else would Mayor Vierra support for supervisor but the city attorney he hired? And why would our mayor support Councilman Condit who has tried to get rid of the ridiculous health insurance that the taxpayers pay for that he gladly accepts?

Councilman Condit is a fiscally conservative individual who believes in transparency, a trait I would hope all of our elected officials would have considering they are spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money? 

The mayor’s remarks calling Councilman Condit a “good kid” was very condescending and shows a lack of mutual respect for one of his fellow council members. The true colors of our elected officials always shine through when it is election time.

How much does this supervisor position pay if our city attorney is willing to leave a law practice and a city job? Maybe I should be looking into this elected position for myself. I say to you all act your age and not your shoe size because jealousy is an ugly shade of green on anyone.

Shawna Moore,


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