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Ceres Facebook page member liked column

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The July 15 article by Jeff Benziger was about the Facebook page "Ceres,CA- Memories and Current Events." I also am a member and look at the page. I graduated in 1970 and my brother in 1968, so it's an enjoyable read for me.

Until this week.

Apparently, Jeff lit a small firestorm with a few folks. When I was growing up - in Ceres and Modesto - if my name or a friends or family name appeared in the local newspaper, it was exciting and a happy event. It was something to save for a scrapbook, something to show off. I guess times have truly changed. One poster to the Facebook page was upset that there was no warning given that the article was written, another didn't know if she liked the idea of the article. The person who was upset didn't even have her name mentioned in your article! Another person thought you just copied posts from the page and weren't very original. My thought was, if you don't quote what people say, wouldn't they be upset for being misquoted?

You are right, you can't win, but to let you know, I enjoyed seeing the article, reading it, and thought it was a positive thing. I am still going to enjoy the page, and, Jeff, I am glad you are a member of the page and can enjoy it, too.

Sandra Claussen DeMott,
Proud former Cerean