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Ceres needs safer bike lanes, more animal control

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I noticed our city is lacking a Bicycle Master Plan in the General Plan, so I decided to bike my entire district – and eventually the entire city – to be able to give some informed suggestions on the matter should the city ever develop a Bicycle Master Plan.

Here are my insights so far:  

The city seems fairly safe to bike in. I say “fairly safe” because in my run-up to the 57.59-mile feat, on one occasion I was chased by a vicious-looking pit bull. On a second occasion, stray cats saved me from a stray German Shepherd. On a third occasion, I witnessed a teenager on a bike get struck by a car near Neel Park.

The conclusions I draw so far are that we definitely have an animal control problem in Council District #3 and we could use safer biking routes. My suggestion – and genuine plea – is that the city only spend money on developing Class 1 and Class 4 bikeway paths henceforth. Class 1 and Class 4 pathways are exclusive for bike riders and typically have some form of barrier to protect riders from traffic. Although the city already has plenty of designated Class 2 bike paths, painted lines won’t protect our children from incoming traffic–much less vicious-looking animals.

To end, I would like to recognize the Parks & Recreation staff. On more than one occasion during my ride, I felt fortunate to bike passed such well-preserved parks – the crown jewels of Ceres.

Alvaro Franco,


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