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Ceres Sober Living manager offers his sincere apology to his neighbor
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

My AA recovery program always asks of us to "clean up our side of the street," so to speak, when problems arise. Thus I wish to "conditionally" apologize to Hector (Barrera), my neighbor, for my using inflammatory words in the interview (for the Courier article, "Cold shoulder for sober living house" published Sept. 11) that were actually meant to be off-the-record and were expressed out of anger in response to the clearly inappropriate displays of liquor bottles all round our front and back yard, for reasons unknown. So that aside, a "conditional" apology from my part is at hand, owning my side, my actions. The rest is in God's care.

The "conditional" part comes from my remaining rather challenging acceptance and tolerance of his behavior, respecting the liquor bottles on display.

Lon Stromnes,
Valley Sober Living,

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