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Chad is experienced

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In a time of complex issues facing the citizens of the Central Valley and the state, we are fortunate to have a person experienced in resolving problems who will work in a non-partisan manner to achieve a resolution to those issues and that person is Chad Condit, whom I fully endorse to be elected to the newly established Assembly seat and sent to Sacramento.

As a former mayor of Ceres, I know the need for an experienced person to represent us in a fair and honest fashion. Chad Condit has worked in the political arena for a number of years and is very aware and knowledgeable of the issues we face as we move into the future.

As the country faces uncertainty in the economic arena Chad believes that the current gas tax should be suspended for a period of time in order to allow citizens to use their funds which will allow them to maintain stability in the face of rising inflation. Certainly, this is a concern of all residents of California and Chad will work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

Many issues such as water, agriculture and infrastructure must all be addressed; however, law enforcement remains at the top of that list. Chad believes the institution of Prop 47 in California has diminished the ability for our California law enforcement people to effectively perform their duties when the written laws do not correspond to the crimes committed. Chad will work to repeal Prop 47 so as to further protect the people of California.

As a retired Ceres Police commander, we need Chad Condit in Sacramento; he’ll fight for us.

Louie Arrollo,


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