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Cooperate with the illegal fireworks crackdown
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am do glad the city of Ceres is going out in a bigger way to clamp down on the use of illegal fireworks.

The major enforcement effort will be on the Fourth of July holiday. You can cooperate by calling in those that are violators.

Illegal fireworks would be a firework that is launched into the air or the several types of exploding fire crackers. These illegal types of fireworks are certainly a safety hazard to all, and the flying illegal fireworks can land almost anywhere.

I would like to encourage Ceres residents to help enforce this year’s efforts by calling in violators. There have been countless flyers, posters, yard signs, etc. out on this giving warnings the public to not use illegal fireworks.

A $1,000 fine will be given to even first time users. Of course there will be those who would still like to play the game of “catch me if you can” on the enforcement side of this issue.

Please have fun in celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with legal fireworks. But the efforts to curb illegal fireworks will benefit safety of all areas of Ceres.

Daniel Marsh,


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