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Council has been careless & dispatchers are suffering

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Reiterating what former Ceres Police Deputy Mike Borges said over the police dispatch center is what I would like to do. The dispatchers are currently required to work long hours for little remuneration, which reduces their ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Once again, the council has not taken the required action to lessen the current situation and has not listened to the people’s opinion.

Here’s an idea! Perhaps some of the issues could have been resolved if Ceres leadership had budgeted the $7k to $10k they spent on their trip to Las Vegas and given it to the dispatcher. Should they reimburse the city for their careless use of public monies when they weren’t initially a part of the seminar?

This in my opinion is mishandling of the city funds. The city has seen that outsourcing the fire department and spending more than $2 million annually from Measure H funds — a move that was not approved by the Ceres voters — shows that outsourcing the dispatch center is not the best course of action. Change within the city is needed to attract and maintain employees in all capacities.

Troy Arrollo,

Mayoral candidate

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