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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have been so far very pleased with the new and improved Ceres Courier website. I like and care very much if I can read any publication online in a very useful manner. I think that the Courier’s web page surely does a splendid job, I am impressed enough that I subscribed to the online viewing of the paper for three dollars a month.

Anyhow, I need and want local news.  A local newspaper acts as a public community bulletin board. I also subscribe to the Modesto Bee online edition and I get the print edition delivered each day. I like to know what is happening in our communities.

When I subscribed to a few national magazines and they went to only online publication, that was a big turnoff for me, and I stopped my subscriptions. Basically I did not like their web formats; they were not user friendly. I still like very much turning the pages of a printed book, magazine, or newspaper.  

Not everyone has daily access to the internet; print editions are critical still for those folks. Even small town papers can compete with the mainstream publications.


Daniel Marsh,