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Dems care most about illegals

Editor, Ceres Courier,

here are a couple of bills authored by Democrats that will imperil California. First is SB54 that proposes to make California a sanctuary state, protecting illegal immigrants. That bill will reduce property values, cause middle class families to leave the state, cause businesses to relocate to other states, create a safe haven for criminals, eliminate funding for road, bridges, dams, impact schools and colleges.

Second is the proposal for free college for all. That bill will pass the cost to taxpayers by increasing taxes on residents. Apparently, Democrats want to destroy California by creating havens for illegal immigrants but enforcing laws on legal citizens that commits crimes - one law for illegal/undocumented immigrants and another law for legal citizens that commit similar crimes. Furthermore, by passing the cost of college demotivates those that choose to attend college because it is free to them but cost us taxpayers. It's another step toward making California a Nanny State.

It is apparent that Democrat does not represent legal citizens nor value them because all the bills generated by Democrats are geared to protect illegal immigrants and those that commit crimes from deportation. Moreover, Democrats have used our tax dollars to hire Eric Holder to represent immigrants from President Trump's administration enforcement of immigration laws.

There lies the problem with a Democrat controlled government. But, there are many of us citizens that opposes the use of our tax dollars to defend illegal immigrants violated our laws. Those that opposed have not been asked nor given the opportunity to vote on any of the bills introduced by the Democrats. But, for most of my life I thought that we lived in a Democratic state wherein we had an opportunity to vote on bills that would change our way of life. Therefore, I am outraged that Democrats are more concerned about illegal immigrants and being reelected than the consequences of their actions. Consequently, I encourage everyone that agrees with me to call your state representative to demand that those bills be defeated.

Robert Lee