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Denham morally on wrong side of history
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Recently our Representative Jeff Denham, was denied entrance to a Children’s Deportation Facility in Pleasant Hill, yet he came back praising the work done inside this facility. Denham has supported the detention of immigrant children separated from their families despite turn outs in the hundreds by his constituents telling him to stop. It seemingly does not disturb Denham, a father himself, that as a government official he was not allowed enter.

The truth is the children who are being kept in these camps are not his children, and appear of no urgent concern to him as his voting pattern would show. The Republican Party, which Denham so regularly votes with, claims they are a party of family values yet they vote to keep families seeking the American Dream separated and detained in highly negligent and non-transparent facilities. We need a man who stands for the true values of the Valley. People who support all families and communities, not a man who bends to the commands of a party who is largely in the morally wrong side of history.

Mateo Maldonado,