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Denham right on with HSR
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Jeff Denham remains consistent regarding his commitment toward maintaining bridges, roads and existing freight and passenger rail transportation systems. It is impressive that the congressman is demonstrating a tremendous interest in expanding the Altamont Corridor Express, representing a formidable opportunity to increase jobs in the Valley.

Denham is working hard to invest our rail dollars wisely. The trust he has earned has helped him gain the chairman's seat on the House Subcommittee on Railroads. The congressman recently held a subcommittee panel meeting locally in Madera to scrutinize California High Speed Rail Authority bidding practices, right-of-way property acquisition costs, and the ever-growing $69 billion HSL first segment pricetag.

The State's failure to acknowledge HSR infrastructure needs leaves us in a money blowing, debt growing cycle of economic instability. We will have HSR soon enough; when the economy is not placed at risk of being derailed.
In view of the unacceptable cost factor, a much better business plan is required to attract crucial private sector investment; if the "Little Bullet Train That Could" is to have a relatively happy ending.

Ken Groves, Jr.,

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