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Disgusted with racism against ‘white’ leaders

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Recently it was brought to my attention that Rosalinda Vierra, candidate for Ceres City Council District 2, made a post on her campaign Facebook page. In that post related to Guillermo Ochoa Park, she stated that WHITE Councilmembers Casey and Ryno voted no.

I am disgusted that, with all the racial divide in our country, that she would make such a statement that could profoundly affect our community.

In my almost 8 1/2 years serving on the council, I made sure that every single community member was treated equally, without regard to anyone’s race.

Hearing of her racist remark was bad enough, but one of her supporters on her campaign website, Miguel Donoso (a Modesto resident), spoke at a council meeting on April 14, 2022 regarding re-districting. Mr. Donoso stated he believed District 2 was not adequately being represented because a Hispanic was not in that seat.

So, not only has Ms. Vierra made a racist comment, but has at least one supporter who has done the same!

And now, Ms. Vierra has taken the entire post down. That does not absolve her of the hatred I feel she has towards Councilmember Casey, myself, and any other “white” members of our community.

Linda Ryno,

Former Ceres Cty


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