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Dishonest liberal politicians, complicit media dividing us
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Mueller Report makes it clear Donald Trump did not collude with Russia to rig the 2016 presidential election.  Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton by 304 to 227 electoral votes and 2,600 to 500 counties across the nation, but the Democrats still refuse to accept that reality.  

They rail about Hillary winning the popular vote by a margin of nearly 2.9 million (65.8 million to 62.9 million). With California and New York out of the mix, Trump led the popular vote by 3 million.  That explains why the founding fathers established the Electoral College, so extremely populous urban areas don’t control the elections.  

Because of their unwillingness to accept defeat and their visceral hatred of Trump, the Democrats will undoubtedly pursue other means to delegitimize his presidency, thereby continuing the national nightmare that divides our country.  America’s political system used to ensure the peaceful transfer of power through our well founded electoral process.  Americans can no longer be confident in that process.  It started when Bush narrowly defeated Gore because the Supreme Court had to intervene in the ludicrous hanging chad fiasco cooked up by the losing side in Florida.  Many Democrats never accepted Bush as President.  Now they almost uniformly believe Trump illegally gained the presidency, thanks to the scurrilous actions of Obama operatives and the complicit liberal media who convinced them that Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin and the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats’ “insurance policy” against the Trump presidency, contrived by Lynch, Comey, Brennan, Ohr, Strock, Page, and others within the Obama administration has failed.  The phony Steele Dossier, funded by Hillary Clinton and her campaign operatives was improperly used by the FBI and Justice Department to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his associates.  Comey’s  subsequent illegal release of classified documents accomplished his goal of establishing a Special Counsel to investigate Trump for colluding with the Russians to steal the election.  The liberal mainstream media, including NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and the New York Times colluded with the Democrats by reporting and repeating the same false rumors, innuendos, and outright lies for the past two years.  Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell falsely claimed they had specific evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.  They did not have any such evidence, but they continue to this day to peddle this lie.

Maxine Waters has been pushing for Trump’s impeachment since he first took office, and worse, calling for liberals to “get in the face” of Trump supporters in public places.  It’s important that those who initiated or promoted the fraudulent Russia collusion narrative be held accountable and prosecuted if proven to have broken the law.  

It’s a sad and dangerous time in our nation’s history, thanks to power hungry Democratic politicians and their complicit media enablers.  Now they are floating the absurd ideas of disbanding the Electoral College, lowering the voting age to 16, reestablishing full voting rights for convicted felons, allowing illegal aliens to vote in local elections and much more; anything to give them an unfair advantage at the ballot box.  

Additionally, they are shamelessly pandering to their liberal base by peddling Medicare for All, free college education, and the Green New Deal that would bankrupt the nation.  Their Medicare for All plan would insure all illegal immigrants and guarantee taxpayer funded abortions.  They also continue to mislead Americans on current critical issues.  A good example is their insistence that the hundreds of thousands of Central American immigrants illegally crossing our Southern Border is a “manufactured crisis.”  The media shamefully reinforces that lie.  Human traffickers and drug cartels are cashing in on the misery of poor Central American families by taking full advantage of our broken immigration laws that Congress has failed to fix.  Temporary housing facilities along the border are overflowing and Border patrol agents are being diverted from their primary job of protecting our borders.  The crisis continues to escalate as current law forces authorities to release thousands of these illegal immigrants into our country daily.

Dishonest and corrupt liberal politicians and the complicit media have taken the country to a level of divisiveness not seen since the Civil War.  How will we ever get back to being the “United” States of America?  We can start by electing those who place the best interests of the country over their party; in other words statesmen, not political hacks pandering to their constituents to remain in power.  Of course that demands the American electorate be imbued with the same principles.  In this day and age, that’s a tall order.  We may already have passed the point of no return.  I hope not.

Bob Teglia

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