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Dont drink & drive in holiday celebrations

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Holiday celebrations normally contain alcoholic beverages. Do not make destructive decisions like drinking and driving.

When I was 16 in April of 1992, a .28 BAC drunken driver hit me head-on. The collision caused a coma, brain injuries, and paralysis with multiple broken and dislocated bones. I stayed in two hospitals for seven months and 17 months of therapy followed. Relearning to walk and talk was difficult.

Although my hearing is damaged, I became a strong partner with the California Highway Patrol two decades ago. We educate people throughout Central San Joaquin Valley about the dangers of impaired driving. Safer roads resulted, and spreading that safety throughout California is my goal.

In June, I received a Certificate of Community Service from CHP Deputy Commissioner Ramona Prieto. CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow surprised me with the highest honor of the Department: The fourth Commissioner's Medal of Distinction ever given since CHP opened in 1929. They made me realize that CHP appreciates my work.

Holiday cheer can impair a person's driving. I urge all to designate a sober driver before festivities begin. This hero avoiding alcohol drives those who drink to prevent crashes like mine, including those with fatal outcomes.

Lori Martin,

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