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Don’t forget the sacrifices

Editor, Ceres Courier,

When I remember the friends I made across our nation as a young Marine, during the Vietnam Conflict, I especially want to honor those who did not return. Memories bring emotions, and yet they would be the first to say “…despite all the hardships – life is to go on living…”

Memorial Day set aside that space of honor but has become for many a time for BBQ’s and gatherings among families and friends – a three-day holiday. Reflection, a pause, and a moment requiring individual thought is important during this “free” time of relaxation. That is our responsibility, lest we forget losing one of the guardian spokes of a democratic society.

We owe this time of honor to the young men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice upon the altar of freedom for peace. It is a small sacrifice once a year to keep their memory alive.

H.R. Barrera, Ph.D.,


Sgt. USMC, Vietnam (1966-68)

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