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Dont let relations with police in Ceres sour

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In existing times such as now, some citizens are sour on community relations with local community law enforcement. We must not allow this to happen here in Ceres.

The best way to comment on the local police force in any city is through the City Council. Your elected city council members will most certainly act for you. Petition them as necessary. Even the Ceres city management office can help.

Local law enforcement can use help in giving information on recent crimes, and this can be done in a private secret manner.

Newspapers will, at the end of crime articles, ask for the public's help and usually list phone or text message numbers to call a specific number.

In summary, please co-operate with local law enforcement. The crime issues are serious enough with the gangs we have in Ceres.

Daniel Marsh,

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