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Fair tax = economic boom?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Daily Mail reported: "The share of Americans in the workforce has sunk to its lowest point in 35 years." wrote "Labor Force Participation Rate in the United States decreased to 62.60 percent in June of 2015 from 62.90 percent in May of 2015. It is the lowest value since October of 1977."

The wrote that: ‘David' "Stockman cites the number of 210 million adult Americans, who if they worked 2,000 hours per year, or about 40 hours per week, would deliver 420 million labor hours per year. When compared to the 240 million labor hours per year reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total workforce of the country is delivering 57.1 percent of those 420 million labor hours, and otherwise stated, 42.9 percent of those hours are not being delivered. Therefore, the calculation of unemployment by this measure is 42.9 percent."

Obama has made our economy a disaster, no jobs, poverty expanding, etc. Promote and support the FairTax for a huge recovery. The math is not difficult. The FairTax will make our economy boom, which is exactly what we need. Visit for research and frequently asked questions.

Al Ose

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