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Four ex-mayors endorse
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

As former mayors of Ceres we care deeply about the future of our city. We understand how important it is that we elect people that will always work to improve our quality of life and who will stand up and ask the tough questions. We also know how important it is to have a strong voice on the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors. Ceres needs to have a county supervisor that we can rely on to fight for us and ensure District 5 is treated fairly.

This is why we strongly endorse Councilmember Channce Condit for Stanislaus County supervisor. We believe Channce has the determination to make a positive difference and we know he is a fighter for the people of Ceres. District 5 has a great opportunity to elect a leader for the future.

Eric Ingwerson,

Louie Arrollo,

Barbara Hinton

Jim Delhart