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Guillermo Ochoa was worthy of park naming

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Since when is a hypocrisy labeled being “courageous”?

I was shocked to read that my district Councilmember Lynda Ryno voted against renaming Eastgate Park in honor of late Councilmember Guillermo Ochoa. He was one of my mentors and I was glad I had an opportunity to submit his name as a recommendation.

Ms. Ryno was the councilmember who recommended the ad hoc committee process in the first place when the renaming idea was brought up. Ms. Ryno referenced this process when the recommendation was originally brought up in the council as the proper way to rename a park. I appreciate allowing the public to have input on the renaming, which was the same process that was accepted by Ms. Ryno when it was considered, and the same processed used that ultimately resulted in renaming of a park after her husband, another deserving member of the community. We have a lot of great citizens and community members in Ceres. I hope we can also honor them and our veterans in other ways as they also are deserving of appreciation.

I am also disappointed in Ms. Ryno refusing to vote on a lot of items recently, as a registered voter in her district, business needs to continue and it’s upsetting seeing her pick and choice what is worthy of her input and vote.   

Rosalinda Vierra,