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Its time for the real Citizens for Ceres to get their way

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I think it is time for the ones who want this Walmart Supercenter to happen get the chance and not the group of Citizens for Ceres.

I am tired of having to go to another city to get the items I want. I ‘m just giving that city all my tax money that we need here in this city for law enforcement, firemen, and any extra items it takes to run this city. Please, City Council, get off you duffs and get this Supercenter here and a lot more (Kohl's, Target, Hobby Lobby) these are just a few I myself would like to see in here. Even better restaurants.

As I said, I don't think it is right to let a handful of people decide for all of us, and for the outside influence. We don't need them having any say as to what is or isn't going in our town. It is time we grow up and become a big town with business to handle the grown of all the housing being built here in Ceres.

Kara Conkle

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