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Legion cleans up section of Hwy. 99

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As much as I appreciate the kudos from last week's editorial, I need to clarify that the clean-up referred to by you and Mr. McKay was a result of the work performed by the American Legion of Ceres.

The Ceres Chamber of Commerce has adopted three sections of Highway 99, however the section you speak of is assigned to American Legion Post 491, Special thanks goes out to them for helping us keep our community litter-free
You mentioned the great feeling you experienced when you joined a clean-up project and you are so right. Doing something good for your community makes you feel good, even if it's picking up trash. You develop a friendship with your fellow crew members, you get a chance to talk and get to know them better and you laugh, sometimes at the craziest things you find along the way. The experience is a positive one for you personallyand for your community.

Renee Ledbetter,
Ceres Chamber President

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