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Local ways to mitigate climate change impacts

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have a concern over climate change and how it affects our area. Due to climate change people face a variety of problems, including its impact on our overall health and the environment. Due to climate change there has been an increase of health problems that are caused by the pollution we breathe in, such as asthma and other problems.

Another impact climate change has in our area is the increase in temperature, with it increasing an effect called the heat island effect, where heat affects urban areas more than rural areas. Due to climate change, things like heat waves or hotter environments can cause more heat related health problems than usual.

I believe that with the implementation of a few local solutions there could be an impact that both improves the environment and can overall provide something for the community as a whole. Things like the implementation of community gardens or food forests with the implementation of a community garden or food forests, there will be an addition of natural carbon dioxide filters in the city, while also providing the community with another healthy way to get produce. Things like a food forest could also help with the heat problem through plants like trees, which would reduce the heat island effect due to the shade the trees would provide. If these aren’t able to be implemented, then an increase of plants in the city that provide shade like trees in parks and other areas should help with both problems.

Emilie Hopwood,


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