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The man who ruined our state wants to be president?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Look who popped up campaigning in the great state of Florida! Gavin Newsom, the liberal governor of the not-so-great state of California. Newsom placed a 30-second ad criticizing Governor DeSantis and praising the ”success” of California. It appears the 2024 presidential election is starting very early.

It would be very interesting to see who paid for this ad. It is very ironic that Newsom would choose a state that is currently running quite well without huge taxes and the highest gas prices in the country like California. In addition, Florida does not mandate fire sprinkler systems and solar energy panels on all new home construction, which just so happen to make housing in California nearly unaffordable.

Countless numbers of California businesses and citizens are fleeing California to states like Texas and Florida, just to name a few. I am surprised Gavin did not touch upon the horrible homeless situations in major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. I am fairly certain that Miami does not issue $300 monthly checks to the homeless for drugs and alcohol like the city of San Francisco does. I am also certain the citizens of Florida will not pay much attention to Gavin Newsom, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and any other liberal Democrat that comes to the surface in the midterm or general election. DeSantis is a lock for the Republican Party in 2024 against whatever Democrat survives the convention.

David DePaola

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