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Marriage ruling threatens religious freedom

Editor, Ceres Courier,
The ramifications of the Supreme Court decision making gay marriage legal in America will create a greater problem for America.
Now the question what will happen now that five judges on the Supreme Court, who now say they are God and we can change what marriage mean, will those of us who happen to not agree that a marriage between men or women is OK, will we be sue if we speak out about it?

What about the one who own a business , are they being told by the Left Wing Nuts Liberals such as President Obama and the Judges on the Supreme Court that , even though you my think different about gay marriage , you have to leave your Religious beliefs at the door front and not take it in to your business?
Yes because when you own a business you lose your right to Freedom of Religious Beliefs or your right to free speech.
Will the lawsuit now come in full force, what about a minister who say no I cannot do your marriage. will they be told by the courts sorry, you do it anyway, because you no longer have freedom of religion anymore because as Left Wing Nuts Liberals we have the Right to tell you what you have to agree with?
All this have done is will even make a more of a mess and it now divided the nation instead of united it.

Robert Blanch

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