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Moses, Washington & Trump

Editor, Ceres Courier,

What do Moses, George Washington, and Donald Trump have in common? All appeared to be defeated and arose victorious through courage and a willingness to fight.

When Moses led the Israelites away from bondage in Egypt toward the Red Sea, God had hardened Pharaoh’s heart and he used all the chariots of Egypt to attack and kill the Israelites. The naysayers criticized Moses of leading them away from Egypt to be killed by the Egyptian army. Then Moses revealed the power of God as the Red Sea opened allowing the Israelites to cross the Red Sea safely to the other side while God blocked the Egyptian army with a pillar of fire. Once the Israelites were safe on the other side, the pillar of fire ceased and the Egyptian armies pursued through the walls of the Red Sea only to have God enclose the sea walls killing the army. For today’s naysayers who call the Bible a book of fables can see real documentaries of chariots and horse bones on the floor of the Red Sea at the point the Bible reveals the passage.

When General George Washington fought the Revolutionary War, he looked defeated several times in war in 1776.  Many in his army had been killed, captured or deserted. He had lost the Battle of White Plains, Fort Washington, and chased from New York. Washington’s army retreated all the way across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. With his army feeling defeated, hungry, and cold, there were some calling for him to surrender to the Red Coats. Washington kept courage despite limited resources and those who felt surrender was best. Washington staged a major victory on Christmas night 1776, crossing the Delaware River in snowy conditions with a triumphant victory at Trenton.

President Trump looked to be defeated in 2016 as every new agency reported him being a footnote in history with certain defeat. However, those that had dug his political grave were astonished as he rose victorious, shocking the world in a landslide. He has since fought against dark forces of the Deep State, a partisan impeachments, and media propaganda to weaken him to surrender.

Moses, Washington and Trump all appeared to be defeated by dark forces before they prevailed. The dark forces aligned together to blocked President Trump’s reelection. There was a coordinated plan of fraud to make him lose. Despite overwhelming evidence of vote counting simultaneously stopping with President Trump way ahead, when ballot counting resumed, there were suddenly huge gains for Biden. There were thousands of affidavits from witnesses who saw unsealed ballots being delivered in the dark of night, videos of case being rolled out from beneath tables, and election supervisors verbally telling workers to count the ballots anyways while poll watchers were blocked from watching. 

Despite this, Trump’s Red Wave still provided an increase of 11 million more votes than in 2016, which are the most votes ever received by an incumbent president. President Obama lost 3.5 million votes in his reelection in 2012. There was the most Republican support among Black and Hispanic Americans in decades. All 27 tossup congressional districts went Republican with Trump winning 2,497 counties across America to Biden’s 477 counties. Trump outperformed in every American city except Milwaukee, Wisc., Phoenix, Ariz., Philadelphia, Penn., Detroit, Mich. and Atlanta, Ga., which were all Democrat controlled cities tainted by fraud.

Moses, Washington and Trump have another common thread, which are courage and a willingness to fight. Washington famously said, “I’ll die on my feet before I live on my knees.” America is the land of the free because of the brave. Republicans have an allegiance to Trump since unlike Republicans of the past, he is willing to fight back.

Unfortunately, judges and lawmakers have shown a lack of courage even with the evidence of election and voter fraud slapped in their face.

Trump may be up against the Red Sea of America with advisor discouraging him like they did Washington’s makeshift army. Trump prevailed with a triumphant victory once and with the truth, the courage of patriots, and the Hand of God, this will be his encore. 

God always reveals His power when all seems loss.

Frank Aquila

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