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A multi-partisan effort underway to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Should Gov. Gavin Newsom remain in office, there is little doubt that another useless statewide mask mandate and anti-small business lockdown will be on the horizon.

The good news is that the Recall Newsom movement is a MULTI-PARTISAN celebration! The ballot is filled with candidates who are Democrats, Republicans and other parties/no party preference coming together to recall the failing Gov. Gavin Newsom. Of the official candidates, 24 are Republicans, 9 Democrats and 13 are other parties or no party preference.

It’s not just Newsom’s lack of leadership during the pandemic that has resulted in the recall vote, but the many other issues that have Californians anxious to recall Newsom. Here are few reasons that Democrats, Independents/no party preference and Republicans plan to vote yes on the recall:

• Highest state income tax in the nation;

• Highest gas taxes in the nation;

• Growing homeless population and only plan is to house in motels and hotels at taxpayer expense;

• Making California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens;

• Promoting ballot harvesting that enables election fraud to occur;

• Strangling business regulations that cause companies to relocate;

• Increasing violent crime with little accountability for lawbreakers;

• Expanding COVID-19 economic restrictions, among the worst in the nation.

Nancy Hathcock

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