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New group seeks support for cat spaying & neutering
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Alley Cat Guardian's spay and neuter clinic is gone but like the Phoenix we are rising above the ashes and have started Cat Network of Stanislaus County to fill the void. Monica Barker, who founded Alley Cat Guardians, has started this new clinic for feral and tame cats with the help of other original ACG volunteers and we again ask the public for their support. Our mission is dedicated to humane care and control of feral cats and free roaming cats. We will be promoting Trap/Neuter/Return (T/N/R).
We are presently booking appointments for low-cost spay/neuter of feral and tame cats. To schedule an appointment anyone may email or call 324-0653.

Spaying and neutering a cat is a responsible choice with many benefits. Besides preventing litters, these procedures can help cats live a long, healthy life. In addition, spaying and neutering tones down unwanted behaviors like territory marking and aggression toward other animals.

Alley Cat Guardians altered almost 5,000 cats and gave assistance to hundreds of others while humanely preventing the births of thousands. This was an amazing accomplishment in such a short period of time and we want to continue this program. We will be hosting ongoing basics classes of T/N/R. Please help us reverse the tragedy of cat overpopulation in this community. For more information call 809-5406.

We are having a garage sale at 2004 Third Street, Ceres, on June 1-2 to help the spaying/neutering program. We need garage sale items. If you would like to donated, call 809-5406 or just drop off at the address.

Karen Mosser,