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Newsom is who is delusional

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In his State of the State address Gov. Gavin Newsom ridiculed “delusional California bashers.” It is Newsom’s behavior that is deeply delusional.

California has one of the highest unemployment rates and gas prices in the nation. The Legislature and governor had to slash the state budget to close a $46.8 billion deficit. We are unable to account for billions of dollars in spending on homelessness. Businesses and residents are leaving the state.

Despite all this, Newsom has the temerity to claim that “people across the globe look to California and see what’s possible.” Beyond that, rather than staying in California to address the crises facing the state, he freely travels across the country criticizing red states for how they are run.

This governor is impervious to reason.

Sam Chaidez