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No masks! We need to breathe as free Americans!

Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is in response to the “wear a mask” mandate, which is based on bad information. If you can smell fried chicken through your mask do you really think a micro-virus will not get through it? I will agree that if you have a mask and are coughing up your lungs that it might help if you were actually COVID positive. Ninety-eight percent of the U.S. population is COVID free!

The letter submits that we Republicans, with a half of a brain I guess, should stay home if we choose not to wear the mask. It is our constitutional right to not wear it! I have not put on the stupid mask, except in the grocery store, since Day One and go to work every day with non-mask wearing people and have survived. This stupidity, perpetuated by uninformed articles, is causing the collapse of California, loss of jobs and hysterical responses from the uninformed. I would submit that the opposite should be true, if you are in the group of people with high risk stay home and let the rest of us make a living and “breathe” like the free people we are supposed to be based on the Constitution.

Did I mention our Constitution? What is that simple piece of paper that prevented state and federal governments from taking away personal rights I ask? Democrats are dang the Constitution and full speed ahead with socialism and state mandates that keep us from being Americans. I have lived in California all my life and since the Democrats have been in control, I have lost in taxes of all sorts, pay more than any other state in sales and fuel taxes, extremely high property taxes and the writer wants you to think Democrats are helping her and us. Let’s try something different. Vote anything but Democrat and give us 10 years!

Jeffrey Scott

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