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Parent questions in house suspension methods
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

In-School Suspension at Central Valley High School. Just the title alone would lead you to believe it was a place of punishment for not abiding by school rules. Not at CVHS, if you happen to be "favorite" of the in-school suspension teacher.

My child received a day of In-School for not attending Saturday school. According to my student and others I've spoken to it is somewhat of a hang out or club house. If you are so privileged as to be one of the teacher's "favorites" you are free to use your cell phone to text or play games, you are even free to listen to music on your iPod. But have no fear, if you didn't happen to pack your iPod, because apparently the teacher plays music from her computer for the classrooms enjoyment and relaxation.

Excuse me, when my child is in trouble or grounded you better believe the cell phone and iPods are the first things I take away! But if you happen to be super close to this teacher you get to sit on her desk, share pictures from cell phones and if your cell battery happens to be running low you can charge it in her room.
Am I the only parent outraged by this? I grew up in a generation when you weren't friends with your teachers; they were people you looked up to. They were authoritative and held you accountable. What's wrong with our society? Our children and students should be learning in a classroom. If punishment is due then In-School should be ran as a place of punishment, not the club house it is. Otherwise what are our students being taught? That basically you can do whatever you want with minimal consequences.

I would appreciate CVHS management to take a good look at the person running that classroom.

Name Withheld By Request,