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Politicking being done with taxpayers’ dollars

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Did your Congressional representative just send you a glossy holiday mailer that looks and smells like campaign literature?

What a nice surprise I got from my Republican representative just a few days before Christmas. It is an elegant fold-out with eight different pictures of him plastered all over its four pages, accompanied by soaring psalms extolling his masculinity and personal political power.  

The funny thing about this piece of literature is that it is clearly the opening salvo of his 2024 re-election campaign just one month after the conclusion of the 2022 election! And not only that, but the mailer is marked “Public document – Official business,” and “Paid for by official funds authorized by the House of Representatives.”

Remember when Donald Trump wanted to disregard America’s long-standing wall of separation between private money and public money? He tried to put his name on stimulus checks sent to American families in order to use the checks as re-election candy. Now our representatives are bragging about spending taxpayer money on their own preposterously early private re-election campaigns. In your face, electorate! 

Kimball Shinkoskey