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Poor city leadership exists

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I just read the Jan. 31 issue of the Ceres Courier. The article relative to the Ceres Police dispatchers is a prime example of the poor leadership that exits within the city of Ceres.

Local dispatchers offer Ceres residents a local lifeline to many issues that may rise. Leadership in the City of Ceres has known about this problem for some time and has taken no steps to fix the issue. That alone tells me certain members of the Ceres City Council have no idea of what this city needs to provide for the residents. Monies spent for trips to Washington D.C. could be used to supplement the sorry status for our dispatchers. The mayor needs to work on solving local issues instead of trying to bolster his distorted self-esteem by trying to be big shot. 

I have purchased a residence in Ceres and hopefully will return to Ceres next week as a voting resident. The citizens of Ceres need to wake up and see what’s happening to their once beautiful city. Ceres citizens wake up and look around cam you see what is happening to your city. Do not lose local control. Demand a raise for our dispatchers.

Ceres residents demand elected officials and salaried who care about Ceres.

Louie Arrollo,

Former Ceres Mayor

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