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Power corrupts but long-term power corrupts even more

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Empowerment-oriented women have been loudly and proudly celebrating the fact that Dianne Feinstein was the longest serving female senator in U.S. history.

Do they know they are shooting themselves in the foot?

Ms. Feinstein’s hammerlock hold on power in California and in the nation runs against the whole concept of term limits, which is perhaps the most fundamental idea of democracy. Power corrupts. Long-running power corrupts even more. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Gender makes no difference.

We need only look to current examples like Mr. Putin in Russia and Mr. Jinping in China, two ordinary politicians who refused to recognize legal limits on power. They now menace the entire earth.

Every senator runs on a promise of voluntary term limits, and every senator reneges on his/her promise once they get a taste of power.

There is a long-overdue movement afoot to extend term limits on presidents to members of Congress and the judicial branch.

Ladies, it would be nice if you joined the fight to save your children and grandchildren from political oppression. Seems like the smart thing to do.

Abigail Adams was the originator of this concern in America. She should know, and so should you.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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