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Prop. 1 needs to pass

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Voters will hopefully recognize the crucial importance of passing the drought fighting Proposition 1 water bond. Our Valley and our state would benefit all the way around from the increased resevoir and underground storage.

Approval of the bond would also mean cleaner, safer drinking water, protection against river flooding, and safeguarding and replinishing of endangered fish populations. Stakeholder supporters of Prop. 1 include growers, food processors, municipal irrigation districts, conservationists and environmentalists alike.

We have every reason to be proud of Valley policy makers such as Adam Gray, Anthony Cannella, Cathleen Galgianni and Tom Berryhill who have been pivotol to driving Prop. 1 legislation forward and protecting it from being "watered down." An additional big Valley thank you to congretional members Jim Costa and Jeff Denham for their many contributions to water policy issues.

Passage of Prop. 1 would bring about a healthier use of our Californa water resources while ensuring the shared interests of every man, woman, and child that resides here. Remember that storing more water restores jobs, industrial trade, and prosperity - did I mention jobs?

An independent spirit runs deep throughout the San Joaquin.

Ken Groves Jr.,