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Quit making excuses
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Education: Turns out that 50 percent of California students failed to meet state standards in English in 2018. Sixty-one percent failed to meet math standards.

The good news is that 2018 showed an improvement of one percent or so over 2017. These results are startlingly bad but of course the politicians and bureaucrats praised the good progress.

The math results are most sickening to me because: a) people will probably need numeracy in the 21st Century; and b) math builds upon foundations so that failure to understand the basics now pretty much guarantees future failure. If you can’t do addition then you can’t learn multiplication, etc.

On the other hand, 50 percent proficiency in the native tongue is also vomit-worthy. Very sad. My constructive suggestion is that they should test students every year, not just third through 8th and 11th grades.

Also, quit making excuses and focus on fixing the math scores ASAP.

Marc Fourier,


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