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Reader reflects on Louis Arrollos comments, those who hold up progress

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I felt that I needed to respond to Mr. Arrollo's piece. I agree 100 percent with #9 and #10. I don't understand how a handful of people who say they are for the betterment of Ceres could hold up the Walmart shopping center. Do they not understand the opportunity for growth they are taking away?

There is so much that could be done downtown to make it attractive to travelers on 99 as well as our citizens. I do not understand how one person can hold the downtown area hostage? Why would you not want your legacy to be known as the person for improving the area?

I disagree with Mr. Butler regarding the Chamber's commitment to the city of Ceres. I don't think I have ever seen anyone work as hard as Renee Ledbetter has worked as the leader of the Chamber.

We try to go to all the City Council meetings, we have gotten involved in Love Ceres, Ceres Concerts in the Park, Ceres Relay for Life and the Ceres Lions Club to name a few. We try and go to the ribbon cuttings of new businesses in our town, fundraisers put on by different city groups, we Shop Ceres first. Is there more we could do? Of course there is! You cannot expect your Chamber, City Council, city agencies, police and fire to do ALL the work. You need to be willing to get involved.
We ALL need to do our part.

Shelia Brandt,