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Republicans stimulate economy
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

The political party that best stimulates the local economy should be the ones we send to represent us. With a still fragile economy, we still need Republicans.

The Nation’s biggest financial losses occurred when the Democrats took over all three branches in 2008. I still remember being in Washington DC on a business trip the week they were elected to power and watching our retirement account collapse. That collapse lasted another 18 months where both the S&P 500 and DOW lost 50% of their value. On top of that, every time the markets tried to regain momentum, Obama would intentionally say something that would send the markets into another tail-spin. Even the most recent market turmoil may be due to Pelosi potentially becoming speaker. --It was only with the artificial propping up of stocks with near zero interest rates and printing money that the markets recovered.

By contrast, look at what has happened since the Republicans were elected in 2016. The stock market futures reversed their fall the very hour it was clear the Republicans were winning. The DOW is at historic highs without government props, millions of jobs with increasing wages are being created, companies are returning to the US, and foreign countries are in retreat on their tariffs.

Having survived the crash of 2008 and the burst housing bubble where many dear friends and neighbors lost their houses and retirements, we need a party in power that has proven that they can stimulate the economy. Those are the Republicans

 Stephen Sampayan

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