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Rosalinda Vierra only local official worthy of his vote

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In 2024 there are over 50 nations heading to the polls to put their faith in a new leader for the next several years. As a child of two nations (U.S. and Mexico), I always want both to succeed and do well, so I keep an ear out for both of their affairs. One stark difference that stands out this year is regarding their presidential candidates. 

As I write this on June 2, on one hand, Mexico looks well on their way to elect their first female president.  Sheinbaum is a doctor holding a Ph.D. in engineering, shows signs of being a talented musician and has a well-documented history of social justice work.  

On the other hand, the U.S. looks deadlocked, choosing between an aging sitting president and a former president recently held liable for sexual abuse and fraud. As a new parent of two baby girls, it’s obvious who I want my daughters to look after. Who do you want America’s sons and daughters looking up to in the upcoming U.S. elections? 

Locally, although not up for election, the only person worthy of my vote is Rosalinda Vierra, who has been to my home despite me not living in her district, who is consistently seen at community events whether dressed as Mrs. Santa, or having coffee and conchas with police and community. At City Council meetings, she never fails to deliver a report on what she is doing personally or what is going on in the community. 

I wish the choice for U.S. presidential candidates, Ceres mayor, or District 3 was this obvious.

Alvaro Franco,


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