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Schools need to cut back on lawn watering

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I read your article about water reductions dated April 8.
Water meters don't really reduce water consumption; they just show how much water you've used and what to charge the user just like gas and electric meters.

I have let a section of my lawn go without watering for several months now and it's still fairly green due to some rain. My larger section of grass I use shower and dishwater on it. But I am thinking of reducing the square footage by re-landscaping again.

My problem, why I am writing you, is that I see schools, parks and city property lawns looking very green, reason being that I constantly see sprinklers on! I notice more Ceres High watering nightly lawn areas no one uses.

I think schools, from elementary to colleges, should be cutting back and also be on controlled meters. The public/citizens can't keep paying for wasted resources, even taxed more because educational groups or city boards can't figure out their efficiency/budgets.

It would be better also if the governor didn't waste billions on a bullet high-speed train that most of us won't use, only the elite some. Instead, use that money to build desalination plants along the coast lines to help California with future droughts.

Sorry to unload on you; just a citizen who recycles, doesn't litter, obeys the laws, fears God and tries to help when he can.

Ruben Cruz,

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