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Some suffering from social justice warrior brain virus

Editor, Ceres Courier,

America is suffering a viral epidemic that is exponentially more lethal and destructive than C19: 

It is the Social-Justice-Warrior-Brain virus.

People afflicted with the SJW-Brain virus become unable to distinguish:

• Criminal vs defensive behavior;

• Aggressor vs defender of innocents;

• Fundamental right vs wrong.

The SJW-Brain virus renders its victims morally and ethically incompetent. The condition is recognizable by its victims’ obsession with preserving the health, welfare and safety of violent aggressors while demonstrating pronounced indifference to the lives of law-abiding citizens. 

An afflicted person is unable or unwilling to recognize the personal agency of those committing crimes. The assumption on which their entire worldview rests is this: “Crime is a symptom of social injustice. If we engineer a just society, no crime would be committed.” 

Naturally, then, he or she blames the victims of crime and society. 

This diseased thinking results in endless demands that social reform take the place of law enforcement. 

When people in the grip of this virulent virus are entrusted with any authority, society suffers terminal stage manifestations of its public-policy influence. These include: releasing criminals to prevent their illness; forbidding use of force in quelling riots; disarming law enforcement; defunding law enforcement; disarming law-abiding civilians; and prosecuting crime-victims’ acts of self-defense

The profound moral confusion that attends SJW-Brain virus may subject close associates of the sufferer to infringement and abuse. But the danger is exponentially magnified if a person afflicted with this virus occupies public office. When combined with authority or public trust of any kind, moral incapacity poses catastrophic threat to civil order, public safety and the rule of law. 

Symptoms of SJW-Brain virus displayed by anyone in a position of public trust, therefore, should be grounds for immediate removal from office.

Patricia Anthone

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