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Supporting Bret Durossette for mayor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a retired peace officer and longtime member of the community, I am very much concerned about our city’s leadership and its future. I take very seriously each election and I make my decision on who I will support after much research and review. I am proud to support Councilmember Bret Durossette for mayor! I have known Bret for over 40 years and I have found him to be as dedicated to this community as I am. I trust his judgement and I know that he will best serve Ceres as Mayor. He has an open door policy and consistently meets with public safety and community members to meet their needs and hear their concerns.

I am troubled by his opponent’s efforts to discredit the work Durossette has done in the effort of self-promotion. I listened to Mr. Lopez’s interview by Teens for a Change and I researched the article he referenced called “Vote or Die” in the Modesto View from 2012 ( He indicated that one must have their voice heard and they must vote. When I did my homework, I found that although Mr. Lopez professed in the interview and in the 2012 article that it’s your responsibility to vote, he himself doesn’t hold to that same standard. In addition to changing his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in 2010, he also doesn’t exercise his right to vote consistently as he has only vote 53 percent of the time since he registered in 2002 and only 58 percent of the time since 2012 at time he published his article.

It’s important for me to see where the candidates stand and it appears Lopez isn’t clear on where he stands and what he supports.

I know that I can count on Durossette to be there for Ceres each and every day.

Randy Moore,


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