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Supports Zipser for TID board

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am supporting Wayne Zipser for TID Director Division 2 and asking for your support and vote for him as well.

Wayne grew up farming with his parents in the Ceres community. He has farmed, managed farming operations, been a businessman and community servant in the Ceres/Turlock area and for the last 19 years as Executive Director for the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau. As Executive Director of the FB Wayne has a history of partnerships and working together as an advocate for farmers, consumers and our community. He was an organizer of the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition, a water quality monitoring program to protect our rivers from harm and improve water quality.

We are fortunate to have a person with Wayne’s character, integrity, work ethic, experience and dedication interested in this position. Throughout his career Wayne has shown foresight, innovation and leadership with a strong knowledge of water, farming and community issues. As a TID director Wayne will protect our water resources and fight to keep farmers, working class families, and small businesses with affordable, safe and reliable water and power.

Please support and vote for Wayne Zipser TID Director Nov. 8.

Stan Sinclear,


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