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Takes offense to editor’s characterizations
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

After reading your editorial opinion piece of Dec 18 relative to the Honorable Channce Condit I feel compelled to respond to your comments which seem to be quite inflammatory. Let me say that I will fight for your right to objectively express your opinion on any subject in a fair and equitable fashion, however; in this instance, in my opinion, you have stepped over the line of fair play.

Since the Honorable Condit has been elected to the Ceres City Council he has been mentioned many times in your opinion column. I know of one occasion you gave him, should I say, good press. Most of the time your comments have been very critical of his actions. One of your statements in this article says he plays “dirty” and you even bring his family into the article; I wonder what that’s all about.

On two occasions in this article you referred to the Honorable Condit’s supporters as a “merry band of Conditistas.” To this term I am particularly offended because of the supposed historical reference to the term “Sandinistas.” The term Sandinista refers to a Nicaraguan revolutionary group whose mission was to overthrow the ruling government. I must say that a large number of outstanding citizens of Ceres support the Honorable Condit and to refer to them in that manner is extremely unprofessional and in bad taste.

I could go on but I won’t I’m sure my feelings are well known. I have supported the Condit family all my adult life and am proud of their accomplishments, which I’m sure you will have a comment on. I am a strong supporter of the Honorable Channce Condit and wish him well in all his endeavors and pray those who own the ink will give him a fair shake based on merit, not past issues that did not involve him.

Louie Arrollo

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